Witness to the Board of Directors Election Counting Process

Witness to the Board of Directors Election Counting Process

Notification to the Membership

Witness to the Election Counting Process

June 23, 2019

On Friday, July 5th beginning at 9:00 am at the Suissevale Clubhouse, the counting of the ballots is scheduled to take place.

Members of the Association are welcome and encouraged to attend and witness the process.


Procedures for witnesses to the 2019 Election Counting process

Witnesses are required to sign-in.

There will be a short explanation of the process before starting the process.

The witnesses must agree to be quiet and non-disruptive to the process.

The witnesses will be viewing the counting process from a distance and will not be “on top” of the counters. There will be no communication with the counters once the process begins.

The witnesses agree to not “publish” or disseminate the result of the count for 24 hours, as the President needs time to notify the candidates of the election results before the count is “officially” posted.

Questions and comments may be submitted to the Election Chairperson if there are issues that are raised during the counting process.