Suissevale Winter Support Group

September 11, 2018

Suissevale Winter Resident Members,

We are interested in starting a Winter Support Group. This would consist mainly of full time residences in Suissevale and or family’s that use their property throughout the Winter but live elsewhere. We realize that many people go south for several months in the Winter. Those members could join if they wish. The Board of Directors is supporting this effort to organize this Support Group.


The main purpose is to enable members to know who is living in Suissevale during the off seasons. Most people know only their immediate neighbor’s, and a few other members who they have casually meet. This Support Group would enable members to know who is likely to be in the Suissevale development and if they need help they could get in tough with someone to help them.


This is a volunteer support group and if one wishes to join they could “opt-in” to have their contact into made available to other members of the Group.  We also want those who join to list the type of help that could help with during and emergence event.  


In the Spring of 2017, we had a very strong wind storm. Cable, Internet, Phone, and NHEC service was out for 4 days at many homes. Trees were falling down and some roads were impassable for days. Because of the widespread damage, emergency response from the town and utilities was also severely delayed.


The Suissevale Business Manager, Elaine Keating did an excellent job, but was being asked by members to check their homes and let them know of any damages. She did contact many members who had trees fall on their home and damage to the property that was substantial.  This consumed an inordinate amount of her time and she was needed for other emergency functions during this event.  Some of the requests she received were totally outside of her job description and in order to do this in the future we would need help from this proposed Support Group.


Some winter residents (full-time and part-time) were better prepared than others and helped out neighbors (who they knew or saw) as best they could. There may have been others here in Suissevale who needed help, but because it was off-season and the population is reduced compared to the summer time, they did not know who was currently in Suissevale that they could call. Those who were able to help did but not in an organized way. 


We would like to create a volunteer group for off-season residents, so we can be better prepared in the event of an emergency. The level of individual involvement can range from:

  • Organizing and developing emergency plans
  • Volunteering to assist as able during emergencies
  • Registering as a full-time or part-time off-season resident to be checked on should an emergency occur

Initially, we need to know if there is any interest in doing this.  We would encourage those who are interested to contact us and provide some feedback. We want to form this Group early this winter to be able to be in-place for the winter,


If anyone is interested in helping us form this Support Group please let us know as soon as possible.


  • If you are interested in finding out more information call or email us below. We have created an email address just for this Group:
  • Email: [email protected]

You can also contact Nick DeMeo on his e-mail  [email protected],net

If you need to contact the office the phone is listed here.  Until we are organized we should try not to overburden the Business Office.

We anticipate an organization meeting in early November, but we will be open to discussions during the fall.


Nick DeMeo

Tom Funke

Suissevale Full time residents