Renter Policy

IS2vkvi4u178h70000000000.jpgSuissevale Rental Policy

The purpose of this notice is to inform non-members of the policy of rentals in Suissevale. There are two type of renters: Short term and Long term.

Long Term Renters

We consider Long term similar to a lease, where the people live or have access year around. Those people do not need to purchase a beach pass and will get access to the Postal Station by following the Postal Station rules.

Short Term Renters

The Short term rentals need a weekly pass for access to the Beach. There is a charge to the home owner for this pass which is a weekly pass to use the waterfront /Beach Area in Suissevale. The fee is $100.

If your home is rented through a real estate company, they may be able to assist the home owner with obtaining passes. Please see the Fee Schedule.