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Another Water Leak Located


Another water leak has been located in a home by a Suissevale member.  The Board of Directors would like to thank Terry Morerod for informing the Business Office of water running across the road on Alicia Street. 

This leak was in a home and most likely leaking for over two weeks.   

*****Suissevale Members - PLEASE****  Don't let this happen to you!

Water and frozen pipe issues in the winter - IMPORTANT!  Please read on!   

In the past few years we have had home water systems freeze up.  If the heat goes out in your home and the water freezes, pipes will burst, and your home will suffer severe damage.  You will also be liable for the search time to find the leak and water cost!  

If you are not going to use your home all winter. 

  • Call the Suissevale Business Office at 603-476-5177 and leave a message with a date when you home will stop occupancy for the winter and Suissevale will arrange to have your water shut off at the street. 
  • There is currently no charge for scheduled turn off of water. 

What will happen with frozen pipes? 

You will be billed for water loss. 

  • Water lost during a leak is on average 40 gallons per minute +/-  (in a 24-hour period that is over 50,000 gallons of water).
  • One-year Suissevale lost over 600,000 gallons of water due to water leaks/frozen pipes.  Members were billed for their gallons lost.  

You will be billed for the cost of personnel searching for the leak. 

  • In one case last year it took over a week to find the leak.  This leak resulted in our member being responsible to the association for over $3,000 in charges. 

You will / can have extensive damage in your home. 

  • Carpets, flooring, dry wall, furniture, and personal belongings can be ruined and need to be replaced (major interior damage). 
  • Member have had water coming out of their basement and 1st floor window. 

Spring time - time to turn on your water - what do I do? 

  • The owner or someone designated by the owner must be present and able to be in the home before it will be turned on by the Water Operator. 
  • Please allow the Business Office/ Water Operator a ten-day notice when looking to have water turned back on.  There is currently no charge for scheduled turn on of water.  
  • Water turns are performed on most Friday mornings during the spring.

Please call the Suissevale Business Office at 603 476-5177 or E-Mail us at [email protected] should you have any questions regarding this notice  

Thank you and Happy New Year, 

The Suissevale Board of Directors