2018 Golf Tournament Results

Suissevale 2018 Golf Tournament Results

A record 18 groups participated in this years golf tournament hosted by Waukewan Golf Club on August 11, 2018.  The Tournament was a huge success and fun had by all   

The Winning Teams were:

1.  First Place Team with a winning score of 56 (a new record)  

     The Masone Jr. team of Tyler Masone, Ryan Butler, Eric Butler and Matt Howard 

2. Second Place Team with a tying score of 56 (lost in tiebracker

    Steve Masone, Kevin Butler, Kevin Doyle and Dan Baker 

3. First Place Team with female participant with a score of 67

    The Kennedy Team of Mark, Sheila, Ryan and Colin 

4. Seventh Pace Team 

     Suissevale Veterans of Tony and Chris Borsini, Tom Clough and Jim McManus 

5. Winners of Case of Beer 

    Ken Alley Team with Dave McMakin, Matt McMakin and Jim Casey

     AND  Mike & Robert Mahan, Brian Roy and Mike Meltzer

6.  Closet to the Pin Male Player:  Jimmy Long 

     Closet to the Pin Female Player:  Debby Cook 

     Longest Drive in Fairway Male Player:  Colon Kennedy 

     Longest Drive in Fairway Female Player:  Dale Prescott 


Prizes donated by:   Waukewan Golf Club, Buckeyes Tavern, Crazy Gringot Restaurant, The Bob House, Barts Seafood and El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant.