2018-2019 Board of Directors Elections Results

2018 - 2019 Board of Director election results

All of the current Board of Directors members were re-elected. 

179 total ballots were cast. 

The Results are as follows:  


Total votes count   


Bob Ashton**



John Barba**



Tony Borsini**

Chair, Marina


John Brennan**

Vice President, Operations


Rich Deforge**

Vice President, Infrastructure


Nick DeMeo**

Vice President, Administration


Mike Donahue**

Several Working Committees


Carolyn Gardner**

Social, Several Working Committees


Hank Hardaway**

Chair, Water & Roads Committee


Michael McManus**

Several Working Committees


Tom Mullins**

Chair, Beach


Ginny Mooney-Davis**



Ron Prescott**

Several Working Committees


Steve Testa**

Several Working Committees






Suissevale By-Laws

The Board of Directors is currently drafting language that will update our by-laws. State law requires no update, but our by-laws are nearly 40 years old and do not reflect technological or population changes. Our by-laws are used in conjunction with our other governing documents. Suissevale has four rulesets within the association:

·  Articles of Agreement - filed with the Secretary of State define us as a corporation.

·  Covenants - regulations and restrictions of all member properties (updated 2015).

·  By-laws - give specific powers and duties to members and to the Board of Directors. Have not been updated since 1979. Internal Laws (rules we have in place i.e.; Policy & Procedures) we have three major ones to review. Click here to review.

· Policies and Procedures - made by the Board of Directors to facilitate day to day operation of the Association.


Hawaiian Luau Pig Roast July 28, 2018

Join your suissevale friends for a pig roast event & beach party featuring All Day Pig Roasting, Giant Jenga, DJ & Dancing!!

$35 per person

$5 for kid menu

Click here for more information.

To sign up contact Tom Keddy at [email protected] or call 476-2478

RSVP & Pay is due by July 8, 2018.

Outdoor Water Use Ban For All Suissevale Residents


Effective:  Thursday, June 14, 2018  


Effective 6/14/2018 and lasting until further notice, a Ban on ALL outdoor water use is in effect due to Dry Conditions.

Outdoor water activities that are Prohibited include, but are not limited to: 

  • The use of water sprinklers, hoses or any lawn, garden or landscape watering devices and/or activities 
  • The use of water for irrigation or fertilization purposes
  • No other unnecessary uses of water. 
  • ABSOLUTELY NO filling of swimming pools 

​We understand this is inconvenience, but your cooperation is absolutely necessary to protect and preserve your water supply. 

Thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding. 


Suissevale Summer FunFit with Jen!! June 1 - Aug 31

Monday & Friday from 9am-10am at the Clubhouse

$8 Class Fee (please bring water & mat)

Monday is Stretch & Strengthen

The 60 minute class is a combination of stretching, low-weight resistance training, and bodyweight exercises for a low-impact workout.

Friday is Gentle Yoga

The 60 minute class is ideal for those new to Yoga or experienced studenst who enjoy a slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing approach to their practice

Summer 2018 Events

Be sure to check out our Summer Activities at Suissevale!

Log in and go to the Activities tab for more information.

Valet Service at Ambrose Cove Marina

Matt Young, the new owner of Ambrose Cove Marina, has reached out to our members with special pricing to us for valet service. A minimum of 50 spots are available for Suissevale members. Ambrose Marina has fuel on site. If you are participating or are interested in participating in this group rate, please email the Business Office with your contact information so we can negotiate the best rate possible. [email protected] or you can call 603-476-5177.

Fall Water Shut Off Info

**Suissevale Members - PLEASE** Don't let this happen to you!
Water and frozen pipe issues in the winter – IMPORTANT!  Please read on!

In the past few years we have had home water systems freeze up.  If the heat goes out in your home and the water freezes, pipes will burst and your home will suffer severe damage.  You will also be liable for the search time to find the leak and water cost.

The property owners are also responsible for the service pipe from the street shut off valve to the house.  If you own an older home, you may want to have this pipe replaced as there have been a number of service pipe failures.

Steps to take:

  • Each time you leave your home in the winter for extended periods of time, turn off the main water shutoff inside your home.
  • Open up sink faucets and let remaining water in your pipes flow out.
  • Check your heat setting and level of remaining heating fuel.


  • Call the Suissevale Business Office at 603 476-5177 and leave a message with a date when you will stop occupancy for the winter and Suissevale will arrange to have your water shut off at the street
  • There is currently no charge for scheduled turn offs water.

What will happen with frozen pipes?   When a leak in your unattended home takes place, the loss of water due to the leak will be substantial.  

  • You will be billed for water lost
    • Water lost during a leak is on average 40 gallons per minute +/- (in a 24-hour period that is over 50,000 gallons of water).
    • One-year Suissevale lost over 600,000 gallons of water due to water leaks/frozen homes.  Members were billed for their gallons lost.
  • You will be billed for the cost of personnel searching for the leak
    • In one case last year it took over a week to find the leak.  This leak resulted in our member being responsible to the association for over $3,000 in charges.
  • You will / can have extensive damage in your home
    • Carpets, flooring, dry wall, furniture, and personal belongings can be ruined and need to be replaced (major interior damage).
    • Members have had water coming out of their basement and 1st floor windows.

Spring time – time to turn on your water – what do I do?

  • The owner or someone designated by the owner must be present and able to be in the home before it will be turned on by the Water Operator.
  • Please allow the water company a 10-day notice when looking to have water turned back on.  There is currently no charge for scheduled turn on of water.

Please call the Suissevale Office at 603 476-5177 or email us at [email protected] should you have any questions regarding this notice.

Thank You,

Suissevale Board of Directors 

Member Registration

We are excited to inform the Suissevale members of the new Suissevale.com web site.  

Please follow THIS LINK to fill in the Registration form. Provide your requested details to request access to the member only areas of our website. Your login details will be emailed to the email address you provide once your account is approved by the administrator.  

  1.      Fill out the registration form - once the form is complete    
  2.      Click - I’m not a robot   
  3.      Click - Create new account

After being approved, you will receive an email to setup your password.  After setting up the password, you can log into the site. If you want, you can then click on "My Account" to change various profile details. Initially your profile contains the information you provided when registering.

You can change your "username" to be something other than your email (possibly something shorter) if desired.