Suissevale By-Laws

The Board of Directors is currently drafting language that will update our by-laws. State law requires no update, but our by-laws are nearly 40 years old and do not reflect technological or population changes. Our by-laws are used in conjunction with our other governing documents. Suissevale has four rulesets within the association:

·  Articles of Agreement - filed with the Secretary of State define us as a corporation.

·  Covenants - regulations and restrictions of all member properties (updated 2015).

·  By-laws - give specific powers and duties to members and to the Board of Directors. Have not been updated since 1979. Internal Laws (rules we have in place i.e.; Policy & Procedures) we have three major ones to review. Click here to review.

· Policies and Procedures - made by the Board of Directors to facilitate day to day operation of the Association.